(A)   No body, except that of a human being, may be buried in the cemetery.
   (B)   The interment fees must be paid for at the time of interment to the appropriate city official.
   (C)   Only one interment shall be made in any one lot.
   (D)   No interment for removal may be made unless the body is accompanied by a burial permit. The laws of the state and the rules of the Health Department must be strictly complied with in all cases of interments.
   (E)   All caskets shall be placed in permanent containers or vaults made of concrete, ferrous or nonferrous metals, plastic or an approved casket/vault combination, at the time of interment. No wooden vaults shall be used.
   (F)   If the application is for the interment of other than the immediate family of the lot owner, permission in writing from such lot owner or past owner must be presented and a record made of such interment on the back of the deed.
   (G)   The interment of two bodies in one grave will not be permitted.
   (H)   The number of interments which may properly be made upon a lot is definitely fixed at the time of purchase and no more will be permitted.
(`63 Code, § 935.03)  (Ord. 94-86, passed 12-8-86) Penalty, see § 91.99