(A)   There shall be no planting on graves, only at the head of the grave and no shrub at the foot of the grave. No person will be allowed to plant anything without previously consulting the appropriate city official.
   (B)   No glass containers, wires, iron rods, or coat hangers will be placed on any lot or grave.
   (C)   From May 10 to November l, potted plants may be placed at the head of graves only and must be picked up by November 1, or they will be removed by the cemetery and destroyed.
   (D)   Winter artificial decorations placed after December l, shall be permitted to remain until March 15, at which time they will be removed and destroyed.
   (E)   No enclosure such as fences, hedges, or ditches will be permitted around any lot. Excavation for any purpose will not be permitted.
   (F)   The cutting of turf or the making of a flower bed on a grave is not permitted.
   (G)   Any tree or shrub planted at the head of the grave must be maintained by the lot owner; if it becomes unsightly or for any reason its removal shall be deemed necessary, the appropriate city official shall have the right and it shall be his duty to remove such tree or shrub. No roses of any kind shall be planted in the cemetery.
(`63 Code, § 935.02)  (Res. R31-74, passed 6-3-74; Am. Ord. 36-82, passed 5-10-82; Am. Ord. 90-84, passed 8-13-84) Penalty, see § 91.99