(A)   All lots sold in advance of a death shall be paid in full at time of purchase.  A family desirous of purchasing a lot at time of death shall have 30 days to pay for lot.
   (B)   As the deed to a lot conveys only the right of burial therein, the Superintendent retains complete control and supervision of all lots.
   (C)   No lot owner can prosecute another lot owner for trespassing.
   (D)   Sale of a lot or lots by the owner is not permitted.  They must be transferred back to the city at the purchase price.
   (E)   When a lot is held by one, two or more persons jointly, they are regarded as but one owner and no lot shall be subdivided.
   (F)   Any owner or part owner of a lot, has a right to give permission by a written order, for the burial of the remains of others than the immediate family in the lot, but not for money or other consideration or profit.
   (G)   ( Editor's note:  Former subsection (G) was repealed by Ord. 94-86, passed December 9, 1986.)
   (H)   ( Editor's note:  Former subsection (H) was repealed by Ord. 94-86, passed December 8, 1986.)
   (I)   Any driver who runs an automobile or other vehicle upon the lawns, across gutters or anywhere else where damage results therefrom, shall be required to make good such damages.
   (J)   There is an endowment fund for all moneys left to the cemetery through wills or otherwise, and 8% of this fund each year is used for maintenance of the cemetery.
   (K)   It is prohibited to disturb anything in the cemetery which does not belong to that person.  Any complaints, questions, or requests for service will be handled at the office.
   (L)   Jogging is discouraged due to sacred respect.  Jogging in groups is prohibited.
(`63 Code, § 935.01)  (Res. R31-74, passed 6-3-74; Am. Ord. 90-84, passed 8-13-84)  Penalty, see § 91.99