1.   No person shall drive or convey through any street any vehicle, the width, height, length, weight or load of which exceeds that authorized by state laws, except in accordance with a permit issued by state authority.
   2.   The City Council may prescribe routes through the municipality for the use of trucks and/or other vehicles, which are not ordinary private passenger vehicles, passing through the city. When it is necessary for vehicles of the class hereinabove described to travel to and from a location on any of the city’s public streets, alleys or places for the purpose of loading or unloading merchandise, or the provision of necessary services at such location, the route traveled shall be as short and direct as possible from and to the most available, legally-designated truck route or state or federal highway.
   3.   The City Council shall see that appropriate and adequate signs are placed along such routes so that drivers of such vehicles may follow the routes. When such signs are erected and in place, the driver of a truck or other vehicle for which a route has been so prescribed, while passing through the city shall keep on such route and shall not deviate therefrom, except in case of emergency.