1.   In the event the City Council deems it necessary or expedient to close any public way or easement, the city must give written notice of any proposed closing of the public way or easement to any holder of a franchise or others determined by the governing body to have a special right or privilege granted by ordinance or legislative enactment to use the public way or easement at least 30 days prior to the passage of any ordinance providing for the closing of the public way easement.
   2.   After the giving of notice as set forth in subsection 1. above, the City Council may, by majority vote, close the public way or easement.
   3.   Closing of the public way or easement shall not affect the right of the city to maintain, repair, reconstruct, operate or remove utility, public service corporation or transmission company facilities or services therein, nor shall a closing affect private ways existing by operation of law unless released in writing executed by the owners thereof.