1.   Subsequent to the effective date of this code of ordinances, it shall be unlawful and an offense for any person or corporation to drill, maintain or operate an oil, gas or disposal well within the corporate limits of the city, without first having procured a municipal drilling permit to do so, as hereinafter provided, and without being in compliance with all applicable ordinances of the city.
   2.   Every person hereafter desiring to drill, maintain or operate an oil, gas or disposal well in the city shall file application therefor, in writing, in the form required by the City Clerk, signed by the applicant or an agent authorized to sign the same.
   3.   Such application shall specify the Quarter Section, Township, Range and the location within the Quarter Section thereof so as to identify said well location within a particular ten-acre tract.
   4.   All equipment to be utilized in the drilling, operation or maintenance of said well shall be specified in said application with particularity and the mud program, as that term is defined in §14-1, shall be specified and attached in writing thereto, for approval by the City Clerk.