1.   The Local or County Health Official shall have the authority to order, in writing, the owner or occupant of any private premises in the city to remove from such premises, within a reasonable length of time and at the owner’s expense, any source of filth, cause of sickness, condition conducive to the breeding of insects or rodents that might contribute to the transmission of disease or any other condition adversely affecting the public health; failure to do so shall constitute an offense. Such order shall be served on the owner or occupant (or agent) of the premises by the Local or County Health Official, or a police officer. If the premises are unoccupied and the residence of the owner, occupant or agent, if unknown, is without the state, the order may be served by posting a copy thereof on the premises or by publication in at least one issue of a newspaper having a general circulation in the city or county.
   2.   If the order is not complied with, the Health Official may cause the order to be executed, and the cost thereof shall be certified to the City Clerk; the cost of abating such nuisance shall be added to the municipal utility bill of the owner or occupant (if a user of any municipal utility service) and shall become due and payable and be subject to the same regulations relating to delinquency in payment as the utility bill itself. If such owner or occupant is not a user of any municipal utility service, such costs, after certification to the City Clerk, may be collected in any manner in which any other debt due the city may be collected.