§ 11-15  CLERK OF COURT.
   1.   The City Clerk, or a designated deputy, shall be the Clerk of the Court. Duties of the Court Clerk shall include the following:
      a.   Assisting the Municipal Judge in recording the proceedings of the Court and in preparing writs, process and other papers;
      b.   Administering oaths required in proceedings before the Court;
      c.   Entering all pleadings, process and proceedings in the dockets of the Court;
      d.   Performing such other clerical duties relating to the proceedings of the Court, as the Municipal Judge shall direct;
      e.   Receiving and receipting for forfeitures, fees, deposits and sums of money payable to the Court; and
      f.   Assuming responsibility for placing, or having placed, all money received (except such special deposits or fees as shall be received to be disbursed for special purposes), in the General Fund of the municipality, or in such other fund and in such manner as the City Council may direct, by motion or resolution.
   2.   The Clerk of the Court shall give bond to the city in the sum of $1,000.