§ 10-34  TIE-DOWNS.
   1.   Every home in a park or subdivision covered by the provisions of this chapter shall be anchored and tied down for safety purposes in a manner equivalent to the following:
      a.   Homes up to 30 feet in length shall require two frame ties per side;
      b.   Homes 30 to 50 feet in length shall require three frame ties per side;
      c.   Homes 50 to 70 feet in length shall require four frame ties per side;
      d.   Homes over 70 feet in length shall require five frame ties per side; and
      e.   Over-the-home ties shall also be installed as close to each end as possible with straps at stud and rafter locations.
   2.   All ties attached to concrete pads or ribbons must be located in footings or foundation piers. If “dead man” ties are used, ties must be installed in soil to a depth of at least six feet.
   3.   Additional tie-down requirements for homes in flood-prone areas shall also be met. See Chapter 4 of this code of ordinances.