1.   All plumbing and electrical alterations or repairs in the park shall be made in accordance with applicable local regulations.
   2.   Skirting of mobile homes is permissible, but areas enclosed by such skirting shall be maintained so as not to provide a harborage for rodents or create a fire hazard.
   3.   A building permit issued by the City Clerk shall be required before any construction on a mobile or manufactured home space or any structural addition or alteration to the exterior of a home takes place. No construction, addition or alteration to the exterior of a home located in a park shall be permitted unless of the same type of construction or materials as the home affected. All construction, additions or alterations shall be in compliance with applicable local and state laws.
   4.   No structure, other than a mobile home and/or one storage shed, of no more than 210 cubic feet, shall be permitted on a mobile home space.