1.   An electrical outlet supplying at least 110 volts shall be provided for each home space. The installation shall comply with all applicable state and local Electrical Codes and ordinances. Such electrical outlets and extension lines shall be grounded and weather-proofed. Plug receptacles shall also be grounded and weather-proofed. No power supply line shall be permitted to lie on the ground, and no main power line shall be suspended less than 18 feet above the ground, unless otherwise approved by the Municipal Building Inspector.
   2.   Streets and driveways within all parks shall be lighted with street lights meeting the current standards of the Illuminating Engineering Society or one-half candlepower, whichever is higher.
   3.   All piping from outside fuel storage tanks or cylinders to mobile or manufactured homes shall be of acceptable material, as determined by the Municipal Building Inspector, and shall be permanently installed and securely fastened in place. All fuel storage tanks or cylinders shall be securely fastened in place and shall not be located inside or beneath the home or less than five feet from any home exit. All such installations shall meet the requirements of applicable, adopted Codes.
   4.   All power used for residential or nonresidential purposes within the park shall be derived from electricity, natural gas or solar energy sources.