1.   An accessible, adequate, safe and potable supply of water shall be provided in each park, capable of furnishing a minimum of 250 gallons per day, per space. Where a public supply of water of such quality is available, within 300 feet, or becomes available within 300 feet, connection shall be made thereto within 120 days of written notification by municipal representatives, and its supply shall be used exclusively. Where private water supplies must be developed, the Health Official must approve the location, construction and development of the water well, pipe system and connections. No private source other than a water well shall be used.
   2.   The water system of the park shall be connected by pipes to all buildings and all spaces. Each home shall be provided with a cold water tap at least four inches above the ground. An adequate supply of hot water shall be provided at all times in the service buildings.
   3.   All water piping shall be constructed and maintained in accordance with state and local law. The water piping system shall not be connected with non-potable or questionable water supplies, and shall be protected against the hazards of backflow or back-siphonage. All water connections shall be weather-tight.
   4.   Where drinking fountains are provided for public use, they shall be of a type and in locations approved by the Health Official.
   5.   Individual water-service connections which are provided for direct use by homes or travel trailers shall be of such construction so that they will not be damaged by the parking of such homes or travel trailers. The park system shall be adequate to provide 20 pounds per square inch of pressure at all home or travel trailer connections.
   6.   Provisions shall be made within 150 feet of each travel trailer space to supply water for travel trailer reservoirs.
   7.   No well-casing, pumps, machinery or suction pipes shall be located in any pit, room or space extending below ground level, nor in any room or space above ground which is walled in or otherwise enclosed, unless such rooms, whether above or below ground, have free drainage by gravity to the surface. All floors shall be water-tight and sloped from the pump pedestal to the drain, and floors shall extend at least two feet from the well in all directions. The pedestal shall not be less than 12 inches above the floor. This shall not be construed as prohibiting submersible pumps.
   8.   All water storage reservoirs shall be water-tight, and of impervious material; all overflows and vents of such reservoirs shall be effectively screened. Open reservoirs are prohibited. Manholes shall be constructed with overlapping covers, so as to prevent the entrance of contaminated material. Overflow pipes from a reservoir shall not connect to any pipe in which sewage or polluted water may back up.
   9.   Underground stop and waste-cocks shall not be installed on any connection.
   10.   No private water well shall be permitted within the city for park use, except as may be otherwise permitted by ordinances of the city; provided, that, private wells may be used if the city does not provide a municipal water system.
   11.   No water connections shall be made to travel trailer spaces.