1.   Waste from showers, bathtubs, flush toilets, urinals, lavatories, slop sinks, laundries and other buildings within the park, shall be discharged into a public sewer and disposal plant, septic tank system or private sewer and lagoon system, of such construction and in such manner as approved by the State Department of Health and in accordance with all applicable ordinance, codes and regulations of the city.
   2.   Each home space shall be provided with at least a three-inch sewer connection at least four inches above the surface of the ground. The sewer connection should be protected by a concrete collar at least four inches thick and have a minimum outside diameter of 24 inches. Connection between the home drain and the sewer must be water-tight and self-draining. Homes with fixtures from which back-siphonage may occur shall be connected to the park’s water system until the defect has been corrected.
   3.   In the event that a public sewer system is, or becomes available, within 300 feet of a park, connection must be made to the public system within 180 days of notification by municipal officials.
   4.   The design of private sewage treatment facilities shall be based on the maximum capacity of the park. Effluent from sewage treatment facilities shall not be discharged into the watershed of any municipal lake, or any other waters of the state. The disposal facilities shall be located where they will not create a nuisance or health hazard to the park or to the owner or occupants of any adjacent property. The State Department of Health must approve the type of treatment proposed and the design of any disposal facilities and sewer systems, prior to construction.
   5.   Every mobile or manufactured home occupying a park space shall tie onto the park sewerage system and shall dump any accumulated wastes into the system. Every travel trailer shall dump all accumulated waste into a receptacle provided in the travel trailer park upon entering and upon leaving the park, such receptacles must be approved by the State Department of Health. Any other dumping of accumulated waste within the city is prohibited.
   6.   The monthly sewer charge shall be as indicated in Chapter 16 of this code of ordinances.
   7.   Sewer connections shall be water-tight. Park licensees shall maintain trailer and home connections to sewer and water systems in good condition and shall assume responsibility for sewerage or water leakage on park premises.
   8.   No sewer connections shall be made to travel trailer spaces.