1.   It shall be unlawful for any person to construct, maintain or operate any mobile home, manufactured housing or travel trailer park within the corporate limits of the city, unless he or she holds a valid permit issued annually by the Municipal Building Inspector and the Health Official of the city in the name of such person for the specific park, except that the maintenance or operation of an existing park on the effective date of this chapter may be continued under a temporary permit for such period of time and under such conditions as are hereinafter described.
   2.   Application shall be made to the Municipal Building Inspector acting jointly with the Health Official, in writing, within 24 hours after having sold, transferred, given away or otherwise disposed of, interest in or control of, any such park. Such notice shall include the name and address of the person succeeding to the ownership or control of such park.
   3.   Application for original permits shall be in writing, signed by the applicant, and shall contain the following:
      a.   Name and address of the applicant;
      b.   The interest of the applicant in, and the location and legal description of, the park;
      c.   A complete site plan of the park, showing compliance with all applicable provisions of this chapter and regulations promulgated thereunder; and
      d.   Such further information as may be requested by the Health Official and/or Municipal Building Inspector.
   4.      Applications for renewals of permits shall be made, in writing, by the holder of the license and shall contain the following:
      a.   Any change in the information submitted since the time the original license was issued, or the latest renewal granted; and
      b.   Other information requested by the Health Official and/or Municipal Building Inspector.
   5.   A complete site plan, for the purpose of obtaining a permit, shall show:
      a.   The area and dimensions of the tract of land;
      b.   The number, locations and size of all mobile home, manufactured home or travel trailer spaces;
      c.   The location and width of roadways, walkways, buffer strips and recreational areas;
      d.   The location of service buildings and other proposed structures;
      e.   The location and size of utility lines and treatment facilities; and
      f.   Plans and specifications of all buildings and other improvements constructed, or to be constructed, within the park.
   6.   Whenever the Health Official and/or Municipal Building Inspector finds conditions existing in violation of this chapter, or of any regulation adopted pursuant thereto, notice shall be given, in writing, to the person to whom the permit was issued, that, unless such conditions or practices be corrected within a reasonable period of time (specified in the notice), the permit will be suspended. At the end of such period, not to exceed 90 days, the Health Official and/or Municipal Building Inspector shall re-inspect such park, and, if such conditions or practices have not been corrected, the permit shall be suspended and notice given, in writing, of such suspension to the person to whom the permit was issued and/or the person managing, or in charge of, the park. Upon receipt of notice of suspension, such person shall cease operation of such park, except as may be provided hereinafter.
   7.   Any person whose permit has been denied or suspended, or who has received notice from the Health Official and/or Municipal Building Inspector that a permit will be suspended unless certain conditions or practices at the park are corrected, may request and shall be granted a hearing on the matter before the City Council or the Zoning Board of Adjustment (if the city has adopted a zoning ordinance); provided, that, when no petition for such hearing shall have been filed within ten days following the day on which notice of suspension was served, such permit shall be deemed to have been automatically revoked at the expiration of such ten-day period.
   8.   Mobile home and travel trailer parks in existence upon the effective date of this chapter, which have concrete pads indicating the location of mobile home, manufactured home or travel trailer spaces, need not comply with those sections of this chapter which would require the moving of concrete pads. They must, however, comply with all other requirements and any park expansion shall be in full compliance with provisions of this chapter.
   9.   The City Clerk shall charge and collect for each mobile home, manufactured home and/or travel trailer park a permit or temporary permit fee of $2.50 per space. The initial permit or temporary permit shall expire no later than one year from the date of issue, unless renewed upon such conditions as the City Council may, by ordinance, direct.