1.   Nonresidential mobile homes or trailers shall not be permitted in the city unless a temporary permit for operation, valid for a period of 12 months, is issued by the Municipal Building Inspector; such permit shall specify the permitted use of the nonresidential mobile home or trailer, the location of such operation and the termination date of the permit, and shall only be issued under terms of this code of ordinances and the adopted zoning ordinance of the city.
   2.   No permit shall be issued for a use which would violate any local, state or federal ordinance, law or regulation.
   3.   An annual fee of $20 shall be charged for each nonresidential mobile home or trailer permit.
   4.   Operation of nonresidential mobile homes or trailers by contractors or construction projects for which building permits have been issued or which are otherwise approved by governmental units is permitted during the term of such construction project.
   5.   This section shall not be construed as permitting or authorizing the permanent location of any nonresidential mobile home or trailer within the corporate limits of the city in conflict with any adopted zoning ordinance of said city.