1.   Every owner of a residence or other building in which humans reside, are employed or congregate, shall install, equip and maintain adequate sanitary facilities for the disposal of human excrement; this requirement shall include a sanitary water closet or closets, or a water closet or closets connected to an approved septic tank.
   2.   a.   The closets and toilets required herein shall be of the sanitary water closet type when located within 300 feet of any municipal sanitary sewer system line and accessible thereto.
      b.   It shall be the duty of every owner of property so located, to connect, or cause to be connected, his or her toilet(s) with the municipal sanitary sewer system, and to make every proper connection so that each toilet is properly connected with said municipal sewer system.
   3.   When not so located, the closet or toilet shall be of:
      a.   The sanitary water closet type, so connected to a sanitary sewer (notwithstanding the distance from it); or
      b.   The water closet type, connected to a septic tank approved by the County Health Officer.