1.   Every physician practicing in the city shall report to the County Health Official, within six hours after the diagnosis of the same, the appearance of any of the following diseases: diphtheria (including membranous croup); scarlet fever; smallpox; yellow fever; typhoid fever; typhus fever; Asiatic cholera; chicken pox; tuberculosis; undulant fever; acute anterior; poliomyelitis (infantile paralysis); epidemic cerebrospinal meningitis; whooping cough; mumps; or any other pestilential, infectious or contagious disease.
   2.   Syphilis, gonococcus infection and chancroid are hereby and hereinafter recognized and declared to be contagious, infectious, communicable and dangerous to the public health. The term VENEREAL DISEASE, as used in this chapter, shall include all such diseases.
   3.   The statutes of the state governing the diseases stated hereinbefore shall apply to all cases of this nature, after said report is made.