1.   Provisions of state law which affect the city because of its general relationship to the state, may not be enumerated herein, but may be adopted by reference as inseparable parts of this code of ordinances.
   2.   Provisions of state law which prescribe specific actions or laws for the city and its citizens, may be included in this code of ordinances for purposes of clarity.
   3.   Provisions of state law in matters of wider public concern which are not enumerated herein, but which affect the city and its citizens in a general way, may not be enumerated herein, but may nevertheless be made a part of this code of ordinances through adoption by reference.
   4.   All provisions which are of purely local concern may be specifically enumerated in this code of ordinances. The regulations, rules, prohibitions, nuisances, offenses and other provisions which are of purely local concern, as provided by state law, and are specifically enumerated herein in detail, shall be enforced by the city; duly authorized officers and agents of said city shall have all power, duties and responsibilities necessary to enforce the same.