Nothing in this code of ordinances or the ordinance adopting this code shall be construed to repeal, or otherwise affect the validity of, any of the following, and all such ordinances are hereby recognized as continuing in fall force and effect to the same extent as if set out at length herein:
   1.   Ordinances promising, obligating or guaranteeing the payment of money for or to the city authorizing the issuance of any municipal bonds or any evidence of the municipality’s indebtedness;
   2.   Appropriation ordinances, or ordinances providing for:
      a.   The levy of taxes;
      b.   An annual budget;
      c.   A special election; or
      d.   Prescribing salaries for municipal officers and employees.
   3.   Ordinances which provide for the annexation or de-annexation of territory to or from the city;
   4.   Ordinances approving, authorizing or otherwise relating to, any contract, agreement, lease, deed or other instrument, or granting any franchise;
   5.   Ordinances authorizing or relating to specific public improvements;
   6.   Ordinances vacating, opening or dedicating specific streets and alleys;
   7.   Ordinances relating to specific street improvements and assessments;
   8.   Ordinances relating to the grade or alignment of specific streets;
   9.   Ordinances naming or re-naming specific streets;
   10.   Ordinances granting railroads or other the right to use specific streets, alleys or rights-of-way;
   11.   Ordinances changing the zoning district classification of a specific parcel of real property; or
   12.   Other temporary or special ordinances.