1.   This article is designed to allow for the designation, and subsequent protection of, properties which have been determined to be architecturally, archaeologically, culturally or historically significant to the city and to allow interested parties the opportunity to arrange for the preservation of such properties.
   2.   The purposes of this article are to:
      a.   Promote the designation of historic properties and landmarks and the creation of historic districts for the educational, cultural, economic and general welfare of the public;
      b.   Safeguard the cultural and architectural heritage of the city;
      c.   Preserve and enhance the environmental quality of neighborhoods;
      d.   Strengthen the city’s economic base through stimulation of structural and district conservation, re-use and revitalization;
      e.   Stabilize and preserve property values; and
      f.   Promote harmonious, orderly and efficient growth and development of the community, through the integration of the preservation and comprehensive planning processes within the city.