General Provisions
   92.01   Conditions of public nuisance
   92.02   Complaint and investigation
   92.03   Notice to abate nuisance
   92.04   Service of notice
   92.05   Annual notice to chronic violators
   92.06   Appeal of designation of a nuisance
   92.07   Removal by town
   92.08   Cost incurred by owner
   92.09   Charges become a lien
   92.10   Procedure is in addition to other authorized procedures
   92.11   Application
Additional Regulations
   92.25   Unnecessary noise
   92.26   Loitering and loafing; annoying persons in streets and public places
   92.27   Breaking police lines
   92.28   Disturbances in public places or assemblages
   92.29   Distribution of literature; display of signs
   92.30   Filling land
   92.31   Care of residential and commercial premises
Conduct in Public Areas
   92.45   Littering prohibited
   92.46   Littering from vehicles
   92.47   Maintenance of public areas
   92.48   Receptacles
   92.49   Drinking in public places
   92.99   Penalty