If requested by the City, applications for a franchise hereunder shall be filed with the Clerk-Treasurer in accordance with the filing instructions promulgated by the City and shall contain the following information and provisions:
   (a)   The name and business address of the applicant, date of application and signature of applicant or appropriate corporate officer.
   (b)   Payment of the filing fee as set forth in Section 711.22.
   (c)   Bid bond in a form acceptable to the City Attorney or a certified bank check as set forth in Section 711.23.
   (d)   A general description of the applicant's proposed operation which shall include a written statement of compliance to the initial service area as set forth in Section 711.06.
   (e)   A statement of the television and radio services proposed including both off-the-air and locally originated signals.
   (f)   A statement setting forth a description of the television channels, local programming an d programming facilities to be made available for public, municipal and educational usage over and above those channels and programming facilities required to be made available either by the Federal Communications Commission or the provisions of this chapter.
   (g)   A statement of the applicant's proposed Schedule of Charges as set forth by the provisions of Section 711.11.
   (h)   A statement detailing the corporate organization of the applicant, if any, including the names and addresses of his officers and directors and the division of shares between shareholders.
   (i)   A statement describing all intra-company relationships of the applicant, including parent, subsidiary or affiliated companies.
   (j)   A statement setting forth all agreements and understandings whether written or oral existing between the applicant and any other person, firm, group or corporation with respect to any franchise awarded hereunder and the conduct of the operation thereof.  An affidavit, such as outlined in Exhibit "B", showing noncollusion, of competing applicants.
   (k)   If applicant is a corporation, a financial statement for the previous fiscal year together with a board resolution authorizing the obtainment and expenditure of such funds as are required to construct, install and operate the broadband telecommunications network contemplated hereunder.
   (l)   Suitable written evidence, accompanied by a projected ten year operations proforma data from a recognized lending or funding agency, or agencies, addressed both to the applicant and to the City, advising that the applicant's financial ability and planned operation have been analyzed by the agency or agencies and that this lending or funding agency or agencies is prepared to make the required funds available to applicant if he is awarded a franchise.
   (m)   A brief technical description of the type of electronic equipment and coaxial cable proposed for use by the applicant.
   (n)   A statement from the applicant's senior technical staff member or consultant, advising that he has reviewed the Service Standards, the Network Technical Standards and Measurements and Construction Standards set forth in Sections 711.13, 711.14, 711.15 and 711.16 and that the applicant's planned network and operations thereof will meet all the requirements set forth therein.
   (o)   A statement as to whether the applicant has applied for or been granted a franchise in any other city, together with the name and address of the City Attorney in each such city.
   (p)   A statement as to whether the applicant or any of its officers or directors or holders of five percent (5%) or more of its voting stock has in the past ten years been charged with or convicted of any crime other than a routine traffic offense and the disposition of each such case.
   (q)   Such supplementary, additional or other information that the City deems reasonably necessary for its determinations.
      (Ord. 29-1972.  Passed 3-5-73.)