(A)   Whenever any premises are vacated, all water and sewer charges to date will be immediately due and payable by the account holder. The account holder must state the day for services to be terminated and must provide the town with a forwarding address for the sending of any final or outstanding charges. Unless the account holder is deceased, hospitalized, or some other rare and unique circumstance exists, the account holder is the only person authorized to terminate services and no one else. If the account holder is not able to contact the town directly, and any other agent acting on behalf of the account holder intercedes, such intercessor shall provide properly authorized documentation stating the account holder has designated such intercessor as their duly appointed representative.
   (B)   Documentation such as a notarized statement, power of attorney, estate executor, last will and testament, terminated lease agreement, etc. will be accepted. Utility services will not be terminated on any account based solely on hearsay. No new accounts will be established in another person's name until the current account has been properly closed as stated herein.
   (C)   To reduce the occurrence of utilities fraud and uncollectable debts, service at rental property shall be activated in the name of only 1 person named on the lease. No new account will be established to place utility services in the name of another person who is also a resident at the same address as the account holder or in the name of another person who lives someplace else other than the service location.
(1997 Code, § 70-38) (Ord. passed 8-17-1993; Am. Ord. passed 10-1-2018)