(A)    Sewer service rates shall be periodically set by the Town Council, and shall be available for public inspection at the town office during regular business hours. (See Treasurer).
   (B)   When connection involves only sewer service, the sewer rate shall be based upon the current minimum monthly sewer fee paid by all account holders. A deposit up to 6 months of sewer charges may be required prior to opening as sewer only account.
   (C)   If sewer bill is not paid when due and the account becomes delinquent, the Public Works Department is authorized to install a cap or plug in the wastewater/sewer discharge line at the main to prevent further discharge of waste into the public sewer system.
(1997 Code, § 70-34) (Ord. passed 8-17-1993; Am. Ord. passed 10-1-2018)