(a)   Multiple Buildings on a Lot. Lots which are in the A-H, MF-PD, R-B, G-B, L-I, G-I, PF and PO Districts may contain more than one principally permitted building or structure on a single lot, provided such principal structures are utilized for the same business, occupant, or for any permitted use, and if approved by the Planning Commission on a site plan. This condition does not apply to accessory uses or buildings as regulated in Section 1103.09(a).
   (b)   Multiple Occupancies. Multiple occupancies or uses on a lot shall be permitted in the R-B, G-B, L-I, G-I, PF, and PO Districts provided that such occupancies or uses are permitted within the respective zoning district and are located within the same principal building or in multiple buildings or structures subject to subsection (a) above.
   (c)   Objectionable Odors, Waste, or Noise. Processes, equipment employed, and goods processed or sold, shall be limited to those which are not objectionable by any reason of odor, dust, smoke, cinders, gas, fumes, noise, vibration, refuse matter, or water carried waste that are contrary to public health or interest. (Ord. 2022-34. Passed 1-9-23.)