(a)   Consistent with  Ohio R.C. Section 4939.08, the City may require a Facilities Operator to remove or relocate Facilities to accomplish construction and maintenance activities or to accommodate an expansion of the Right-of-Way.  The Facilities Operator shall remove or relocate the Facilities at no cost to the City. If the Facilities Operator fails to remove or relocate the Facilities within ninety (90) days of receiving a request to do so from the City, then the City may remove the Facilities at Facilities Operator's sole cost and expense, without further notice to the Facilities Operator.
   (b)   If the Facilities are placed in a location other than the location approved by the City, the Facilities Operator shall relocate the Facilities within thirty (30) days of receiving notice that the Facilities are located improperly. (Ord. 2019-24.  Passed 6-10-19.)