To receive final inspection and acceptance of any project, or portion thereof, the following must be completed by the applicant and provided to the City Engineer:
   (a)   Final stabilization must be achieved and all permanent SCMs must be installed and made functional, as determined by the City Engineer and per the approved Comprehensive Stormwater Management Plan.
   (b)   An As-Built Certification, including As-Built Survey and Inspection, must be sealed, signed and dated by a Professional Engineer and a Professional Surveyor with a statement certifying that the stormwater control measures, as designed and installed, meet the requirements of the Comprehensive Stormwater Management Plan approved by the City Engineer.  In evaluating this certification, the City Engineer may require the submission of a new set of stormwater practice calculations if he/she determines that the design was altered significantly from the approved Comprehensive Stormwater Management Plan.  The As-Built Survey must provide the location, dimensions, and bearing of such practices and include the entity responsible for long-term maintenance as detailed in the Inspection and Maintenance Agreement.
   (c)   A copy of the complete and recorded Inspection and Maintenance Plan and Inspection and Maintenance Agreement as specified in Section 929.08 must be provided to the City Engineer.
      (Ord. 2016-90.  Passed 1-9-17.)