As used in this chapter, a public nuisance shall be deemed to be any fence, wall, shed, house, building, structure, or any part of any of the aforesaid; or any tree, pole, smoke stack; or any excavation, basement, cellar, sidewalk, subspace, dock, wharf, or landing dock, which in its entirety, or in any part thereof, by reason of the condition in which the same is permitted to be or remain, shall or may endanger the health, life, limb or property, or cause any hurt, harm, inconvenience, discomfort, damage or injury to any one or more persons in the City of Brooklyn, in any one or more of the following particulars:
   (a)    By reason of being a nuisance to the general health of the community;
   (b)    By reason of being a fire hazard;
(c)    By reason of being unsafe for occupancy, or use on, in, upon, about or around the aforesaid premises;
   (d)    By reason of being a nuisance because of long continued vacancy, lack of reasonable or adequate maintenance of structure and/or premises adjacent thereto, thereby depreciating the enjoyment and use of property in the immediate vicinity to such an extent that it is harmful to the community in which such structure is situated.
(Ord. 1968-71. Passed 11-25-68.)