(a)   Permit Required to Use Water; Fees.  No person shall make a connection with any fire hydrant, to take water therefrom for private use, unless such person shall have first applied for and obtained from the Fire Chief a fire hydrant permit, the fee for which shall be ten dollars ($10.00) and which shall be for permission to use such hydrant.  A multi-fire hydrant permit may be issued, authorizing the use of all fire hydrants, regardless of number, located on a portion of or in one street, the termini to be fixed by the Fire Chief, which termini shall be specified in the permit.  For a multi-fire hydrant permit a fee of thirty-five dollars ($35.00) shall be charged.  In addition to the permit fees, the applicant shall pay the City of Cleveland for all water used from the hydrants, an amount based upon an estimate of water consumed.  All fees required herein shall be paid to the Director of Finance.
   (b)   Deposit to Accompany Application.  A deposit of three hundred dollars ($300.00) shall accompany each application for a fire hydrant permit, and a deposit of five hundred dollars ($500.00) shall accompany each application for a multi-fire hydrant permit, which respective deposits shall be applied toward the payment of any damage suffered by the City or the payment of any claims against the City made by anyone by reason of the use of any fire hydrant by the applicant for the permit, or his representatives.  In the absence of any damages or claims, the deposit shall be returned to the applicant who made the same.
   (c)   Receipt Required Before Using Water.  Upon the issuance of a fire hydrant permit or multi-fire hydrant permit, it shall be the duty of the applicant to whom it is issued to immediately, and before making any connection to or using the hydrant in any way, present such permit to the Division of Water of the City of Cleveland and there obtain a receipt showing payment for the water estimated to be used under and by virtue of the permit, in accordance with the rates, rules and regulations of the City of Cleveland Water Division, which receipt shall then be presented and exhibited to the Fire Chief, together with a written statement by the applicant as to the period of time during which the hydrant set forth in the permit will be used by him.  All of the foregoing provisions shall be complied with by the applicant before making any connection to or using any hydrant for the use of which a permit has been granted, as hereinbefore provided.
   (d)   Permit Expiration.  All fire hydrant permits issued pursuant to the provisions of this section shall expire by limitation upon completion of the work contemplated and in connection with which such permit was obtained, but in no event shall any permit remain in force and effect for a period of more than sixty days.
   (e)   Agreement to Indemnify City.  All fire hydrant permits shall be issued subject to and on the express condition that the person to whom such permit is issued shall indemnify and save harmless the City from all loss or damage that may be occasioned or in any way caused it by the want of care, skill or attention on the part of the applicant, or of anyone in his employ, in the making of a connection with, or in the use of, any fire hydrant or any hose connected thereto, and that such applicant will, in the event any damageis caused to any fire hydrant or any hose connected thereto, and that such applicant will, in the event any damage is caused to any fire hydrant to the City in the use thereof under a permit, promptly and fully reimburse the City for the cost and expense of the repairs necessary thereto beyond the amount of his deposit.
   (f)   Reducing Couplings Required.  All hydrants used under a permit for any purpose shall have reducing couplings attached to the nozzles of the fire hydrants with an independent valve for regulating the supply.  The main valve of the hydrant shall be opened full at the beginning of work each day and remain open until the stoppage of work at night.  The hydrant shall be operated only by a proper hydrant key. (Ord. 1983-2.  Passed 1-10-83.)
   (g)   Inspection of Hydrant After Use.  Upon completion of the use of a fire hydrant, the person to whom a fire hydrant permit shall have been issued shall notify the Fire Chief thereof, and it shall then be the duty of the Chief, or an assistant under his direction, to promptly inspect each fire hydrant used pursuant to such fire hydrant permit and make a report of the condition thereof and the repairs, if any, he shall find necessary thereto, to the Director of Service. No further fire hydrant permits shall be issued to the persons making such repairs necessary until the City shall have been reimbursed for the cost thereof.
(Ord. 2021-14.  Passed 6-14-21.)
   (h)   Penalty.  Whoever violates any of the provisions of this section is guilty of a misdemeanor of the fourth degree.
(Ord. 1983-2.  Passed 1-10-83.)