(A)   Intent. This district is established to create and preserve areas for those commercial facilities which are especially useful in close proximity to residential areas, while minimizing the undesirable impact of the uses on the neighborhoods which they service.
   (B)   Permitted uses.
      (1)   Store for convenience and retail sales and services;
      (2)   Office buildings, studio;
      (3)   Schools and places of worship; and
      (4)   Bed and breakfast and tourist homes.
   (C)   Special land uses. Refer to § 154.09.
      (1)   Mortuary and bank;
      (2)   Institutional or public services;
      (3)   Essential services; and
      (4)   Repairs, processing and uses accessory to the above uses on the premises.
   (D)   Required conditions.
      (1)   All permitted uses shall be conducted within the confines of a building or within an enclosure which screens any outdoor operations or storage of materials from the view of adjoining streets or properties. The foregoing shall not apply to permitted automotive sales areas, convenience store, fuel dispensing site, vehicle repair shop the sale of produce and plants in semi-open structures or drive-in retail establishments serving the customer from his or her vehicle. A chain link or decorative fence of sufficient density to keep discarded debris within the confines of a site shall be provided for the outdoor eating establishments or uses which are likely to have the debris.
      (2)   Parking: refer to § 154.08.
      (3)   Signs: refer to Chapter 152.
      (4)   Existing dwellings, existing transient rooming housing and existing apartments shall meet the provisions of the R-3 District and special land uses within the R-3 District.
      (5)   Lot width, lot area, and yards shall meet or exceed the requirements of § 154.06 and shall meet the provisions in the general provisions of §§ 154.29 through 154.58.
      (6)   Height: refer to § 154.06.
      (7)   Site plan review and approval must be obtained for all uses requiring new parking areas or additions to parking areas. Site plan review must be done in accordance with § 154.10. All new buildings shall undergo review and approval of a site plan in accordance with § 154.10(A).
   (E)   Prohibited uses. Any use other than specified in divisions (B) and (C) above is prohibited. The following uses are expressly prohibited:
      (1)   Manufacturing or industrial uses or processes which are not clearly incidental and subordinate to a wholesale or retail business use on the premises;
      (2)   Outdoor storage of motor vehicles in need of repair or in inoperable condition;
      (3)   Any use which emits odors, fumes, smoke, dust, vibration or noise in excess of normal traffic noise;
      (4)   Any use which is prohibited in the I District; and
      (5)   Transient rooming houses, motels, hotels and trailers in trailer courts.
(Ord. 161, passed 12-10-2001)