§ 20.256.020  USES PERMITTED.
   No buildings or structures or land shall be used and no building or structures shall be hereafter erected, structurally altered or enlarged, except for the following purposes:
   A.   Principal permitted uses.
      1.   Uses permitted in the M-1 Zone, § 20.252.020.A. of this title.
      2.   Manufacturing.  Subject to the conditions of this zone, manufacturing, assembling, repairing, testing, processing and warehousing of products in an enclosed building may be conducted, other than those which may be obnoxious or offensive by reason of emission of odor, dust, smoke, gas, noise, vibration or other similar causes detrimental to the public health, safety or general welfare, including but not limited to the following:
      Automobiles, trucks and trailers
      Battery rebuilding and manufacture
      Burial vaults and caskets
      Carpets and rugs
      Cement products
      Clay pipe and clay products
      Composition wallboard
      Glass, but excluding blast furnaces
      Glazed tile
      Graphite and graphite products
      Hemp products
      Jute products
      Metal foil
      Missiles and missile components, excluding explosive fuels
      Motors and generators
      Paraffin products
      Porcelain products
      Pulp goods
      Railroad equipment
      Sand and lime products
      Sisal products
      Starch and dextrine
      Steel products
      Stone products
      Structural steel products
      Wire and wire products
      3.   Machinery manufacture, including electrical, agricultural, construction, mining and petroleum extraction, air conditioning equipment, dishwashers, dryers, furnaces, heaters, stoves, and washing machines.
      4.   Machine tool manufacture, including metal lathes, presses and stamping machines, and woodworking machines.
      5.   Manufacturing of chemicals and chemical products, except those requiring a conditional use permit.
      6.   Transit and transportation terminals, repair and storage facilities.
      7.   Lumber processing and woodworking, including planing mills, plywood, veneering, wood preserving, and laminating.
      8.   Contractors yards and shops, including building, masonry, painting, concrete, electrical, plumbing, refrigeration, roofing, heating and air conditioning.
      9.   Electrical distribution substations, electrical transmission substations, gas metering and regulating stations, public utility buildings and service and storage yards, and steam electric generating stations including microwave facilities incorporated as part of a public utility installation.
      10.   Retailing of trucks, campers, and other vehicles and repair thereof.
   B.   Uses permitted subject to conditional use permit.  The following uses are permitted subject to approval of a conditional use permit application in accordance with the provisions of § 20.408.030 of this title:
      1.   Manufacturing of:
         Aniline dyes
         Asphalt or asphalt products
         Bleaching powder
         Bronze, babbit metal and similar alloys
         Carbolic, hydrochloric, picric and sulfuric acid
         Caustic soda
         Cellulose and celluloid
         Cement, lime, gypsum or plaster of paris
         Charcoal, lampblack or fuel briquettes
         Exterminating agents
         Lacquer, shellac, turpentine, varnish or calcimine (Kalsomine)
         Linoleum or oil cloth
         Nitrating of cotton and other materials
         Rubber (natural or synthetic)
         Soap, tallow, grease and lard
      2.   Storage of:
         Automobiles and other vehicles purchased for wrecking operations
         House mover's equipment and buildings moved from other locations
         Oil or gas within three hundred (300) feet of any residential zone, school or park
         Oil or gas in amounts of two thousand five hundred (2,500) barrels or more
         Sand, gravel, rock or decomposed granite in amounts of two thousand (2,000) tons or more
         Used building materials or secondhand buildings
      3.   Salvage yards, wrecking and disposal activities of the following kind (not including hazardous waste facilities): 
         Automobile wrecking and salvage
         Dumps, including garbage and trash disposal
         Industrial salvage materials, waste metal, rag, clothing, glass, and other salvage operations 
         Sewage disposal plants
      4.   Breweries, distilleries and wineries.
      5.   Heavy metal works of the following kinds:
         Boiler works
         Drop forge industries
         Drop hammers
         Forges, foundries, and forging works
         Metal and metal ore reduction
         Rolling mills
      6.   Refining of petroleum and petroleum products.
      7.   Distilling of alcohol.
      8.   Asphalt, concrete and earth products activities of the following kinds:
         Asphalt batching plants
         Concrete mixing and batching plants
         Rock crushing plants and aggregate dryers
         Sandblasting plants
      9.   Also the following:
         Butane service and filling stations
         Radio transmitter towers, higher than fifty (50) feet above ground level
      10.   Outdoor manufacturing or processing.
      11.   All industrial uses not specifically listed as principal permitted uses in paragraph A. of this section.
      12.   Gasoline service stations, subject to the provisions of § 20.228.020.B.3 of this title. (C-N Zone). 
      13.   Notwithstanding § 20.256.030 of this chapter, overnight parking of campers and other pleasure vehicles for not to exceed fourteen (14) nights, where the activity is conducted incidental to a business of repairing such vehicles. 
      14.   Vehicle sales, new and used (outside use permitted). 
      15.   Alcoholic sales; on-sale only. 
      16.   Off-site hazardous waste facility subject to Health and Reactivity rating above three (3) in accordance with the NFPA 704 System, National Fire Protection Association or equivalent. 
      17.   Astrology, fortune-telling, etc.
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