§ 151.36  KEEPING CLEAN.
   It shall be unlawful for the occupant of any lot or lots or the owner of any vacant lot or lots within the corporate limits to allow snow, sleet, mud, ice or other substance to accumulate on the sidewalks or to permit any snow, sleet, ice, mud or other substances to remain upon said sidewalk. In the event that the owner or owners of any lot, lots or lands abutting on any street, avenue or part thereof shall fail to remove any snow, sleet, mud, ice or other substance in front of his, her or their lot, lots or lands, within the time and in the manner as directed and required herein after having received due notice to do so, they shall be liable for all damages or injury occasioned by reason of accumulation of snow, sleet, mud, ice or other substance and the governing body shall have power to cause any such sidewalks to be cleared and assess the costs thereof against such property. In the event the property owner is a non- resident of the county in which the property lies, the municipality shall, before levying any special assessment against that property, send a copy of any notice required by law to be published by means of certified mail, return receipt requested, to the last known address of the non-resident property owner. The last known address shall be that address listed on the current tax rolls at the time such required notice was first published.
(Prior Code, § 8-202)  Penalty, see § 10.99
Statutory reference:
   Related provisions, see Neb. RS 17-557.01