An ordinance to revise all the ordinances of the Village of Brady, Nebraska, to repeal prior ordinances, to require filing, and to provide an effective date.
   Section 1. The general ordinances of the Village of Brady, Nebraska, are hereby revised, codified, and printed in book form as the "Code of Ordinances of Brady, Nebraska," with revisions as provided in Section 2 below, consisting of the following Titles:
         TITLE I:            GENERAL PROVISIONS
         TITLE III:            ADMINISTRATION
         TITLE V:            PUBLIC WORKS
         TITLE VII:            TRAFFIC CODE
         TITLE XV:            LAND USAGE
   Section 2. The Code of Ordinances as presented in book form shall hereby be amended and codified in the following respects:
         Section 2.01. TITLE VII: TRAFFIC CODE, CHAPTER 71: PARKING RULES, § 71.10: PROHIBITED PARKING, shall be amended by removing division (B) thereof.
         Section 2.02. TITLE XI: BUSINESS  REGULATIONS, CHAPTER 111: AMUSEMENTS AND LEISURE, § 111.01, shall be amended and restated as follows:
   "It shall be unlawful for any person or persons to sell fireworks of any description whatsoever, except permissible fireworks annually listed and promulgated by the State Fire Marshal may be sold at retail at all times; provided that, all other fireworks named may be sold only between June 25 and July 5; provided that, fireworks of any description are permissible for purposes of public exhibitions or displays as authorized by the governing body; and, further provided that, said vendor shall secure a license prior to such sales. Application shall be filed with the Village Clerk upon forms supplied by the municipality and requesting such information and documents as the governing body may deem necessary as to whether or not to grant said license. Any license so issued may be revoked at any time by the governing body upon proper notice and hearing if one is requested by the licensee."
         Section 2.03. TITLE XIII: GENERAL OFFENSES, CHAPTER 130: GENERAL PROVISIONS, § 130.28, shall be amended and restated as follows:
   "It shall be unlawful for any person to ignite or cause to be exploded fireworks or firecrackers of any description whatsoever within the municipality, except permissible fireworks annually listed and promulgated by the State Fire Marshal. Fireworks may lawfully be shot off beginning June 25 and ending July 3 of each year from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. each day and on July 4 of each year from 10:00 a.m. to 11:59 p.m."
         Section 2.04. TITLE XV: LAND USAGE, CHAPTER 154: ZONING CODE, § 154.097: FENCES, WALLS AND HEDGES, shall be amended by removing division (B)(10) thereof.
   Section 3. The Code of Ordinances contains all of the provisions of a general nature pertaining to the subjects enumerated and embraced in the code. All prior ordinances pertaining to the subjects treated by the code are repealed, except that nothing shall affect any rights acquired under, actions involving, or fines, penalties, forfeitures, or liabilities incurred pursuant to such ordinances prior to repeal.
   Section 4. All ordinances of a temporary or special nature and all other ordinances pertaining to subjects not embraced in the Code of Ordinances, including ordinances specified in this section, shall remain in full force and effect unless repealed expressly or by necessary implication.
   1.      Vacating or setting the boundaries of streets, alleys, or other public places.
   2.      Annexing or detaching territory.
   3.      Granting or accepting easements, plats, or dedication of land to public use.
   4.      Providing for the acquisition or conveyance of real or personal property.
   5.      Authorizing or directing public improvements to be made.
   6.      Levying taxes or special assessments.
   7.      Appropriating money.
   8.      Granting franchises or special licenses.
   9.      Providing for the issuance of bonds or other instruments of indebtedness.
   Section 5. At least one copy of the Code of Ordinances shall be on file in the office of the Village Clerk and available for inspection by members of the public during the hours the office is kept open for the ordinary transaction of business. The Clerk shall file a copy of the ordinances with the County Court.
   Section 6. This ordinance shall be in full force and shall take effect from and after its passage, approval, and publication according to law.
Passed and approved December 9, 2020.
Village Clerk