(A)   Except as provided in division (B) below, the municipality shall not engage in the construction of any public works involving architecture or engineering unless the plans, specifications and estimates have been prepared and the construction has been observed by an architect, a professional engineer or a person under the direct supervision of an architect, professional engineer or those under the direct supervision of an architect or professional engineer.
   (B)   Division (A) above shall not apply to the following activities:
      (1)   Any public works project with contemplated expenditures for the completed project that do not exceed $40,000;
      (2)   Any alteration, renovation or remodeling of a building if the alteration, renovation or remodeling does not affect architectural or engineering safety features of the building;
      (3)   Performance of professional services for itself if the municipality appoints a municipal engineer or employs a full-time person licensed under the Engineers and Architects Regulation Act, being Neb. RS 81-3401 to 81-3445 who is in responsible charge of architectural or engineering work;
      (4)   The practice of any other certified trade or legally recognized profession;
      (5)   Earthmoving and related work associated with soil and water conservation practices performed on any land owned by the municipality that is not subject to a permit from the Department of Water Resources;
      (6)   The work of employees and agents of the municipality performing, in accordance with other requirements of law, their customary duties in the administration and enforcement of codes, permit programs and land use regulations and their customary duties in utility and public works construction, operation and maintenance;
      (7)   Those services ordinarily performed by subordinates under direct supervision of a professional engineer or those commonly designated as locomotive, stationary, marine operating engineers, power plant operating engineers or manufacturers who supervise the operation of or operate machinery or equipment or who supervise construction within their own plant;
      (8)   The construction of municipal water wells, as defined in Neb. RS 46-1212, the installation of pumps and pumping equipment into municipal water wells, and the decommissioning of municipal water wells, unless such construction, installation or decommissioning is required by the municipality to be designed or supervised by an engineer or unless legal requirements are imposed upon the municipality as a part of a public water supply; and/or
      (9)   Any other activities described in Neb. RS 81-3449 to 81-3453.
(Prior Code, § 8-107)
Statutory reference:
   Related provisions, see Neb. RS 81-3423, 81-3445, 81-3449 through 81-3453