(A)   Prohibited location of residence. It is unlawful for any sexual predator to reside within 500 feet from a school or child care facility.
   (B)   Measure of distance. For purposes of determining the minimum distance separation, the distance shall be measured by following a straight line from the outer property line of the residence to the nearest outer boundary line of the school or child care facility.
   (C)   Penalties. A person who violates this section shall be punished as provided generally in the code.
   (D)   Exceptions. This chapter shall not apply to a sexual predator who:
      (1)   Resides within a prison or correctional or treatment facility operated by the state or a political subdivision;
      (2)   Established a residence before 7-1-2006, and has not moved from the residence; or
      (3)   Established a residence after 7-1-2006, and the school or child care facility triggering the restriction was established after the initial date of the sexual predator’s residence at that location.
(Prior Code, § 6-402)  Penalty, see § 10.99
Statutory reference:
   Related provisions, see Neb. RS 29-4003 and 29-4013
   Sexual Predator Residency Restriction Act, see Neb. RS 29-4017