*Editor's note-The present Charter of the city was enacted by Laws of Fla. 1947, Ch. 24398, which has been amended frequently both by special acts and by ordinances.
   The sections of the original act (Ch. 24398, 1947) filed in the office of the Secretary of State were misnumbered by omission of section number 77. The printers of the Special Acts of 1947 corrected this error by renumbering starting with § 77. However, they omitted section number 155. Consequently, the section numbers of the original act and those in the published Special Acts of 1947 agree from §§ 1—76 and from § 156 on.
   In preparing the 1958 Code of Ordinances of the City, the editors reorganized the Charter into articles and renumbered its sections. The editors of this compilation have adopted the same organization and numbering used by their predecessors. However, note that the source of each section is shown in parentheses following the section.
   Words and phrases have been added in brackets where necessary to clarify meaning.
   Ord. No. 87-4, §§ 1—3, adopted Feb. 3, 1987, provided that the name and title of the legislative body of the city be changed from “city council” to “city commission” and that all references within the Charter and Code of Ordinances to the terms city council or councilman shall be synonymous to the terms city commission or city commissioner until such time as recodification of the Charter and Code of Ordinances is required; see also, §§ 1-2 and 2-1.1 of the Code of Ordinances. Prior to such recodification, the above noted changes will be made in the Code as pages are necessarily updated through the supplement service pursuant to the city's instructions; and such changes will be made in the Charter only as prescribed by subsequent amendments to specific sections.