Sec. 2-1.1.   City council renamed city commission; offices and titles of mayor and vice-mayor retained.
   It is hereby declared by the city council of the City of Boynton Beach, Florida, that henceforth the name and title of the legislative body of the City of Boynton Beach, Florida, shall be the city commission of the City of Boynton Beach, Florida; and further, that the office of the legislative members shall be entitled commissioner, with the retention of the offices and additional titles of mayor and vice-mayor.
(Ord. No. 87-4, § 1, 2-3-87)
   Editor's note-Ord. No. 87-4, § 1, adopted Feb. 3, 1987, has been included herein as § 2-1.1 by the editors; further, it should be noted that § 3 of Ord. No. 87-4 provides in part that the above-mentioned changes will be included in the Charter and Code of Ordinances at such time as recodification is required. In the interim, such changes will be made in the Code as pages are necessarily updated through the supplement service pursuant to the city's instructions.
   Cross reference-Definitions applicable to Code generally, see Rules of construction, § 1-2.