(A)   All prohibitions and restrictions imposed by a declaration of state of emergency shall take effect in the emergency area immediately upon publication of the declaration unless the declaration sets a later time. Publication may consist of reports of the substance of the prohibitions and restrictions in the mass communications media serving the emergency area or other effective methods of disseminating the necessary information quickly. As soon as practicable, however, appropriate distribution of the full text of any declaration shall be made. The requirements of G.S. § 1-597 (regarding newspaper publication) shall not apply to such declarations.
   (B)   Any declaration of a state of emergency issued under authority of this chapter may be extended, altered, modified, or repealed as to any particular by issuance of a subsequent declaration by the Mayor or by a majority vote of Town Council upon a duly-called and noticed regular, special, or emergency meeting.
   (C)   The Mayor shall declare the end of a state of emergency or all or any part of the restrictions imposed as soon as circumstances warrant or when directed to do so by the Council.
(Ord. passed - -)