Persons seeking permits under the provisions of this chapter will conform to the following procedures.
   (A)   A request shall be submitted to the Town Landscape Planner or his or her designee, in writing on a form provided by the Department of Public Services and accompanied with the following information:
      (1)   For new buildings or developments, an overall site plan, including the approximate shape and dimensions of the lot or parcel of land together with existing and proposed driveways, structures and improvements;
      (2)   The approximate location of all trees to be removed, replaced or relocated from public property and shall be identified as to type and species;
      (3)   A statement as to why the trees are to be removed, replaced or relocated; and
      (4)   A statement as necessary, explaining how any standing tree or trees to be relocated as part of a development project are to be protected during construction of the development.
   (B)   In determining whether a permit should be issued, the Landscape Planner or his or her designee shall consider the following criteria:
      (1)   The condition of the tree with respect to disease, danger of falling, proximity to existing or proposed structures and interference with utility services;
      (2)   Necessity to remove trees in order to construct proposed improvements to allow economic enjoyment of property adjacent to public property;
      (3)   Topography of land and the effect of tree removal on erosion, soil retention and the diversion or increased flow of surface waters and coordination with the town's drainage patterns;
      (4)   Number of trees existing in the neighborhood on improved property. The Landscape Planner or his or her designee shall be guided by the standards established in the neighborhood and the effect of tree removal upon property values in the area; and
      (5)   In all cases, the Landscape Planner or his or her designee and/or the Town Manager may require the relocation or replacement of trees as condition of issuing the permit, on a one for one basis, with replacement trees having a caliper of two-inch diameter at breast height (that is, four and one-half feet above average ground level).
(Prior Code, § 99.04)