(A)   Any abandoned or nuisance vehicle which has been ordered to be removed may, as directed by the town, be removed to a storage garage or area by the tow truck operator or towing business contracting to perform such services for the town. In accordance with G.S. § 20-219.11, whenever such a vehicle is removed, the authorizing official shall immediately notify the last known registered owner of the vehicle, such notice shall include the following:
      (1)   The description of the removed vehicle;
      (2)   The location where the vehicle is stored;
      (3)   The violation with which the owner is charged, if any;
      (4)   The procedure the owner must follow to redeem the vehicle; and
      (5)   The procedure the owner must follow to request a probable cause hearing on the removal.
   (B)   If the vehicle has a North Carolina registration plate or registration, notice shall be given to the owner within 24 hours; if the vehicle is not registered in this state, notice shall be given to the owner within 72 hours from the removal of the vehicle. This notice shall, if feasible, be given by telephone. Whether or not the owner is reached by telephone, notice shall be mailed to his last known address unless he or his agent waives this notice in writing.
   (C)   Whenever an abandoned or nuisance vehicle is removed, and such vehicle has no valid registration or registration plates, the authorizing official shall make reasonable efforts, including checking the vehicle identification number, to determine the last known registered owner of the vehicle and to notify him or her of the information set forth in divisions (A)(1) through (A)(5) of this section.
(Ord. passed 12-16-2019)