(A)   Owner responsible for removal costs. Except as provided at division (B), if an abandoned vehicle or nuisance vehicle is removed by or at the direction of the town, the vehicle owner shall pay all reasonable costs incidental to the removal and storage of such vehicle and incidental to locating the owner thereof.
   (B)   Town to pay costs of removing nuisance vehicles in certain cases. If a vehicle is declared to be a nuisance vehicle, the property owner may, upon written request and waiver of any claim for damages, request that the town remove the vehicle at no expense. In order to have a vehicle removed at no expense to the property owner, a signed consent form and vehicle title of ownership must be given to the town and the towing company. If the above-stated requirements are not provided to the town, civil penalties shall be issued for a maximum of 10 days for each day the vehicle remains in violation. If the vehicle remains on the property in excess of 10 days, the violation and civil penalties may be handled as a civil action in small claims court and the vehicle may be ordered to be removed from the property.
(Ord. passed 12-16-2019)