A.   At the time of application for a new subdivision as set forth at chapter 6 of this title, the applicant shall cause a grading/stormwater management plan to be developed for the subdivision application. The grading/stormwater management plan and the preliminary plat of the subdivision shall be reviewed concurrently by the planning commission.
   B.   No final plat for a subdivision shall be approved until the grading/stormwater management plan for the subdivision is also approved by the board.
   C.   No final plat shall be signed by the board until the requirements at section 12-727.1 of this subchapter have been met.
   D.   A set of final drawings illustrating the actual placement of the components of the grading/stormwater management system shall be filed with the planning director prior to final plat approval and prior to the release of any bond or financial surety for the grading/stormwater management system. (Ord. 501, 11-18-2008)