12-727.1: INSPECTIONS:
   A.   Grading/Stormwater Management Plans: At a minimum, two (2) inspections shall be required: 1) after erosion and sedimentation controls have been installed, prior to ground disturbance; and 2) after the project has been completed, including revegetation. For sites which are active during the winter, two (2) additional inspections shall be required; 3) after the site has been prepared for the winter (typically in September or October); and 4) sometime in January or February to ensure that the erosion and sedimentation control measures are adequate and maintained. The permittee's design professional shall perform the inspections and submit inspection reports to the planning director or designee.
   B.   Grading/Erosion Control Plans: A minimum of one inspection shall be conducted by the planning department or the permittee's design professional. The planning director shall determine whether additional inspections are necessary based on the nature of the project. The permittee's design professional (when applicable) or the planning director, or their designee, shall conduct the inspections. (Ord. 501, 11-18-2008)