§ 12.116.01  BEEKEEPING.
   (a)   A may not place a in a front yard. For the purposes of this section, a corner lot is considered to have two front yards.
   (b)   A must place a closer to the primary structure on the site of the than any primary structure or dwelling on an adjacent site.
   (c)   A must place a at least 15 feet from any site line.
   (d)   A must place a at least 25 feet from any dwelling unit on adjacent property and at least 25 feet from any public right-of-way.
   (e)   In each instance where a has an and places a less than 25 feet from the site line, as measured from the nearest point on the to the site boundary, the must establish and maintain a flyway barrier at least six feet in height.
      (1)   The flyway barrier must consist of a wall, fence, dense vegetation or a combination thereof, such that will fly over rather than through the material to reach the .
      (2)   The flyway barrier must continue parallel to any qualifying site lines for ten feet in either direction from the or contain the or within a solid enclosure that is at least six feet in height.
      (3)   A flyway barrier is not required if the is located on a rooftop at least six feet above grade.
   (f)   A located on a rooftop is prohibited on a residential structure.
   (g)   A located on a rooftop must be screened in accordance with § 21.301.18.
   (h)   A (s) and an , individually or in combined total, that occupies over 50 square feet in area will be calculated as an accessory building in determining the number and size allowed on each lot.
   (i)   An is limited to the following number of based on the size of the lot:
      (1)   ½ acre or smaller = 2 ;
      (2)   More than ½ acre to ¾ acre = 4 ;
      (3)   More than ¾ acre to 1 acre = 6 ;
      (4)   More than 1 acre to 5 acres = 8 ; or
      (5)   More than 5 acres = no restriction.
   (j)   Each must ensure that a convenient source of water is available to the so long as remain active outside of the .
   (k)   Three or more dwelling unit properties. A may not place a on a property with three or more dwelling units.
   (l)   Ownership occupancy. Except for a located on a non-residential site, the of the must live in the dwelling on the property.
   (m)   No in dwellings or garages. must not be kept inside of a dwelling or garage.
   (n)    must select queens from European stock bred for gentleness and non-swarming characteristics.
(Ord. 2017-38, passed 11-6-2017; Ord. 2019-2, passed 1-7-2019)