§ 12.47  PERMITS.
   (a)   Permits shall be issued by the City Council.
   (b)   A permit may be issued if the City Council makes the following findings:
      (1)   That persons or will not be endangered as a result of the landing or takeoffs. Among the factors to be considered are the location and size of the proposed landing/takeoff site, surrounding land uses and structures (such as buildings, power poles, signs or fences), existing terrain and foliage, numbers of persons expected to be at or about the site, and flight paths to or from the site;
      (2)   That excessive noise or other nuisance factors will not be created;
      (3)   That the operator or parachutist has adequate training and experience and is licensed to the extent required by the FAA and other governmental agencies;
      (4)   That the operator has in effect a liability insurance policy in the following minimum amounts:
         (A)   For personal injury: $1,000,000; and
         (B)   For damage: $1,000,000.
      (5)   That the permittee has the written permission of the owner of the site to land or takeoff; for lands owned by the city, the permission of the City Council shall be required.
   (c)   When issued, a permit shall state the name of the permittee, the date, time and location for which it is effective, and the conditions under which it is granted (if any). No permittee shall violate the conditions of a permit.
   (d)   Each permit application shall be accompanied by the fee as detailed in § 14.03 of this code.
(1958 Code, § 168.02)  (Recodified by Ord. 98-53, passed 11-16-1998; amended by Ord. 99-5, passed 3-15-1999)