Payment due dates and late fee charges shall be in accordance with § 11.06(d) of this code. Accounts shall be considered delinquent when any portion of the balance due exceeds 30 days past due and no arrangement for payment has been agreed to by both the Utilities Division and the owner or the owner’s duly authorized property manager. All delinquent accounts shall be certified to the City Assessor who shall prepare an assessment roll each year providing for assessment of the delinquent amounts against the respective properties served. The assessment shall include the amount of the delinquent account and the administrative charge listed in City Code Appendix A, together with interest thereon at the maximum lawful rate. This assessment roll shall be delivered to the City Council for adoption on or before October 1 of each year. The provisions of § 11.07 of this chapter relating to the requirement, use and release of a security deposit shall apply to delinquent sewer accounts.
(1958 Code, § 30.36)  (Ord. 225, passed 2-15-1960; Ord. 63-37, passed 10-7-1963; Ord. 70-14, passed 4-20-1970, renumbered to § 30.35; Ord. 91-48, passed 7-1-1991; Ord. 2005-28, passed 7-18-2005; Ord. 2021-20, passed 6-28-2021)