(a)   Monthly wastewater rates. Rates and charges for wastewater service are set at monthly amounts, and shall be listed in City Code Appendix A - Water Rates and Wastewater Rates table.
   (b)   Determining monthly usage levels.
      (1)   Multi-family residential, commercial and industrial users. Multi-family residential units and commercial and industrial owners are charged for their wastewater based on their metered water use throughout the year, and are billed monthly.
      (2)   Peak and non-peak for single-family residential. Residential owners’ usage of wastewater is calculated on a monthly basis and billed bi-monthly. To acknowledge that certain amounts of water do not enter the wastewater system during summer months, the city divides the year into peak and non-peak months for single-family residential as stated below.
         (A)   Non-peak months. Non-peak months are defined as the months from November to April. During this time residents pay the actual metered water usage times the rate listed in City Code Appendix A - Water Rates and Wastewater Rates table.
         (B)   Peak months. Peak months are defined as the months from May to October. During this time a resident’s billable amount shall be determined based upon the owner’s average use during non-peak months and defined below at winter usage. The winter usage is multiplied by the wastewater rate listed in City Code Appendix A - Water Rates and Wastewater Rates table.
         (C)   Defining winter usage. In order to calculate winter usage, the city measures the residential use of water for two consecutive non-peak billing cycles that begins on or after November 1 and ends before the following May. The average monthly number of gallons is calculated and called the average monthly non-peak winter usage or “winter usage.”
         (D)   Minimum usage. All wastewater calculations are subject to the residential minimum wastewater charges listed in § 11.65(b) of this code.
         (E)   Alternative peak month usage. During peak months, if an owner’s actual usage is more than the minimum as stated in § 11.65(b) of this code, and less than an established winter usage, the owner will be charged only for the actual usage.
   (c)   Wastewater bills. Wastewater bills shall be mailed to the owner at the designated billing address and shall specify the charge in accordance with the rates detailed in this chapter. Owners must pay the total amount set forth in the bill on or before the due date listed on the bill. Failure to make payment by the due date listed on the bill will result in a late fee assessment of 5% of the total amount due and owing.
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