(a)   Fees for curb box connection permits and water main tapping. The fee for permit for curb box connections and the charge for water main tapping shall be paid for each connection in the amount set forth in City Code Appendix A - Permit Fees for Water Connections table. Before any permit shall be issued, there shall also be paid any sum required as set forth in subsections (b) and (c) below.
   (b)   Assessment certification. No permit shall be issued to tap or connect with any city water main either directly or indirectly from any lot or tract of land unless the City Assessor shall have certified:
      (1)   That all of the lot or tract of land, or the portion of the lot or tract to be served by the connection or tap has been assessed for the construction of the water system with which the connection is made;
      (2)   If no assessment has been levied for the construction cost, that proceedings for levying such assessment have been or will be commenced in due course; or
      (3)   If no assessment has been levied and no assessment proceedings will be completed in due course, that a sum equal to the portion of the cost of constructing the water system which would be assessable against the lot or tract has been paid to the city.
   (c)   Payment in lieu of assessment certification. If no such certificate can be issued by the City Assessor, no permit to tap or connect to any city water main shall be issued unless the applicant pays an additional connection fee which shall be equal to the portion of the cost of construction of the water system which would be assessable against said lot or tract to be served by such tapping connection. The assessable cost is to be determined by the City Engineer upon the same basis as assessments most recently levied against other property for the water system. If no such assessment has been levied, the assessable cost shall be determined upon the basis of the uniform charge which may have been or which shall be charged for similar tapping or connection with the water system determined on the basis of the total assessable cost of the system.
   (d)   Status of in lieu of payment. Any sum received by the city under subsection (c) above shall be paid into a water utility account and the lot or tract, or portion thereof, shall be deemed to have been assessed for the improvement to the same extent as other similarly served and situated tracts.
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