(a)   Curb box connection permit. A permit shall be obtained to connect to existing water service leads at the curb box. The fee for each such permit shall be listed in City Code Appendix A - Permit Fees for Water Connections table. No permit shall be issued except to a licensed installer.
   (b)   Service installation. Additional charges shall be made and collected for testing, inspection and making connections with the water mains where a curb box and service lead is not installed. This charge shall be paid at the time of making application. The amount to be charged shall be fixed by the Utility Division, based upon the estimated cost of testing, inspection and installing the service.
   (c)   Water disconnection and reconnection. Whenever the city dispatches city staff to disconnect or reconnect water service to a property pursuant to this Article I of city code or pursuant to the request of the property owner, a service fee listed in City Code Appendix A, or the service fee established by the City Council by resolution for each task, shall be charged to the account. However, no charge will be imposed for attempts to disconnect or reconnect water service during normal business hours that are unsuccessful due to causes the city determines to be beyond the control of the property owner. The rate for reconnection of disconnected water service outside of normal business hours shall be two and one-half times the normal rate.
   (d)   Curb box adjustments. For raising or lowering stop-box tops to correspond with ground level change or alteration made by property owner, a charge of $20 will be made.
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