Except as provided below in subsection (6) below, all located upon a residential property must be stored for use at that property and not for resale as follows.
   (1)   The shall be stored in neat, secure stacks.
   (2)   The height of a woodpile over three feet shall be no more than twice its width, but in no event shall the height exceed six feet.
   (3)   No shall be stored within ten feet of any side or rear property line; except that if the wood is stored in an accessory building, the accessory building shall meet all zoning setback requirements.
   (4)   No shall be stored in the front yard as defined in § 19.03 of the city code.
   (5)   All must be screened from view in accordance with § 21.301.15 of the city code, unless the total amount of stored on the premises is less than a fireplace cord and it is stacked next to the home.
   (6)   Exceptions:
      (A)   None of the above storage specifications shall apply to stored within a home, garage or other approved accessory building.
(Ord. 2009-2, passed 2-2-2009; Ord. 2017-9, passed 5-1-2017; Ord. 2021-7, passed 4-26-2021)